Thursday, 19 July 2012


Scan10089.jpg by mdx

From 1983 to 1985 while working in Bangladesh with VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) I took photographs, mostly 35mm b/w but also some on slide film.  I had them developed locally in Bangladesh and printed as contacts. 4 years ago I started scanning the negs, the quality wasn't marvellous but it was wonderful to see the pictures again. Here's the first scans.

More to come...

Untitled as yet

Not sure where this is going - something about summer holidays.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Plotting and Planing

Plotting and Planing by mdx
8 of us from the course are planning to re show our work from last years documentary module. We exhibited it in May  and it looked good  and we're planning to show it again, in town in September.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Funeral procession on Southwark Street

Funeral procession on Southwark Street by mdx
A funeral procession along Southwark Street this morning complete with brass band, a carriage and horses with black plumes. It felt like being in a film seeing it pass by, the mix of the everyday with the drama of the event. I took a few photographs and picked this for a first edit.
Later I hear it was a young actress, Natasha, who had died.

Monday, 9 July 2012

The tyranny of the university over my own trajectories and dream projects

"One day I will investigate the tyranny of the university over my own trajectories and dream projects, beginning with the way it has ruled over and overruled my body, beating down any healthy instinct, trampling the least cellule of creativity, but this problem does not move me now."
Avital Ronell from Loser Sons: Politics and Authority

Friday, 6 July 2012

Hourly Group Photographs at Union Press

Hourly group photos at Union Press by mdxWe started at 10am and took a group photo on the hour every hour, gathering up people from the street - it was marvellous fun - and the sun was out all day.
Union Press by mdx

I brought along dad's old clock and it chimed out the hours for us all day.

Flat Iron Photography Projects

Yesterday 5th July Christina, Jens and myself ran 2 photography projects in Flat Iron Square as part of the Union Press, a temporary print space in Flat Iron Square.
In many ways the project pulled together a whole bunch of important strands around my photography practice and is the most exciting art project I’ve been involved in for ages.

Coming from a musical background collaboration is something I've missed in photography. Working with Christina and Jens seemed like we were more than the sum of three people working together -

We had 2 quite different ideas - but they complimented each other in an interesting sense - theirs punned on ironing in Flat Iron Square. First we explored and photographed the empty square early (7am) on a Sunday morning - the link with printing also in the printing of the photographs onto little canvas squares with the iron. Mine was all about filling the square with people - and as well as providing a document of the day hour by hour it also required some action, we had to drum up enthusiasm, call people over and make each photograph happen. One photograph was taken each hour on an instant camera, the photograph in effect printing itself there and then. I had toyed with the idea of taking the photograph on digital - getting much higher quality, but it wasn't about that, seeing the instant print appear still holds it's magic, people photographed the print on their phones so they could send to friends.

Connections and communication
Often I end up finding photography to be a singular, isolating activity. The photographer on the outside of events, wandering around and endlessly watching, waiting for something deemed worthy of capturing. Bringing nothing to the situation - it's all about a delayed gratification, and one for the photographer and their selected audience alone.
This felt the complete opposite - we were catalysts in bringing groups of people together, together stepping into a moment of drama and often comedy. I talked to more strangers on the street than I have in ages. And I loved the drama of acting the part of the photographer on the street - and in the total transparency of the project - you can see the picture immediately, and we also scanned some large on the photocopier and pasted them up on the kiosk. People even came back later in the day to see their pictures. It seemed like the act of photographing had become an encourager of dialogues and link ups, non-threatening and  amusing.
This weekend we'll be laying out 2 books for some speedy printing on Monday ready for the end of press showing of all the publications on Tuesday 10th 6pm