Sunday, 25 January 2015

Guess Where London

Of all the groups on flickr that I've been involved in the 'Guess Where London' group is the one to which I still occasionally enjoy posting a photograph. The idea is simple enough – 'Guess Where London' is, quite simply, a game where you will post cryptic shots of London locations, and other group members will try to guess the location. In return, you will try to guess the location of their shots.

It's strangely addictive to post a photograph from a location that someone might just know, where they to have stood in just the same place, craned their head upwards or stuck it through a hole in a fence. Similarly to wonder if you might just have been in exactly the same spot as the poster of a cryptic shot, and then to remember where that was.

See if you recognise anything here on the 'Guess Where London' page

And just in case you're wondering about the location of the big yellow bus? It's at St George's Circus SE1, the obelisk just peeping out at the top left, guessed in less than 24 hours by Simon White

Sunday, 18 January 2015

watch your life flash before your eyes

Back at the start of 2009 I decided to make a project in which I made a self portrait everyday through the year and posted it onto flickr. This was before flickr got bought out by yahoo and had an air of excitement and a sense of community about it. Nowadays everyone's eagerly taking self portraits and posting them online, but back in 2009 it seemed fresh and exciting.

And so here they are, all 365, coming in at well under a minute. I took the idea of the super fast speed of 8fps and the music from the now defunct website Pummelvision (here's their old Twitter feed which scraped images from your flickr, tumblr and facebook accounts to create a create a video in which you could "watch your life flash before your eyes".
If you need more just go to YouTube and search Pummelvision.