Monday, 30 May 2011

Quite remarkably, Adele and myself have managed to ...

Quite remarkably, Adele and myself have managed to encourage a bunch of our fellow year 1 photography group to each take a photograph for the MAD Fest this coming Wednesday. One of our ideas was to each take a photo wherever we were on Sunday 29th May at midday. Initially we'd thought of creating a slideshow of images, but as we pulled the thing together it didn't sit right, we needed it in print, needed the physicality.
We also needed a title for our six photos and so far the suggestions are:
Same time different place
29.5.11 12.00
Sunday noon
I'm tempted by something more factual, more encouraging to leave the title behind and leap into the images. How about the literal:
"On the 29th May 2011 at 12 o' clock midday, wherever you happen to be, take a photograph"
And a couple of options on how we attribute ourselves as photographers:
1/ The name of each photographer next to their image (traditional, ownership clear).
2/ An alphabetical list of the names of the photographers (letting go, collaboration, the piece as a whole) -  my vote's with this but it would probably need a group consensus...
I'm really looking forward to seeing it all on the wall on Wednesday!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Sarah Lucas

Sarah Lucas interviewed in today's Guardian - "it seemed to her the only
way to succeed was to have one idea and to do it to death, and in
disillusion, she decided to give up doing art at all".
On Damien Hurst shouting at her "you don't put your prices up because
you're scared to put your prices up!" -- "I really like the idea that
art is not just its value, in the same way that everything else has a

Friday, 27 May 2011

left over rain

left over rain by mdx
Taking photographs of the ground seems like a good place to start - a ground zero.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

What is the point of taking photographs?

we got some rain today by mdx
What is the point of taking photographs? - after my first year  studying photography I'm starting to wonder. When I'm playing music I never have that question - the act of playing music is enough in itself. Maybe it's because you play music and you take photographs - the acts have different implications. Today I took this photograph of rain on a pavement.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

urban fox

urban fox by mdx

we can become commodities ourselves

Instead of participating as nodes in a network of non-hierarchical global consciousness, the Internet enables us to do something much more useful - we can become commodities ourselves!
OK so I watched All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace by Adam Curtis. Financial institutions using computer networks to look after themselves to the detriment of you and me - inspired by the strangeness of Ayn Rand's philosophies. Great use of footage and cool music too - it also led me here

Monday, 23 May 2011


LOOK by mdx
Waiting for a green light on the corner of Harper Road. These days I don't jump the red lights when cycling anymore - I enjoy the pause and a chance to have a look around.
idea - a series of waiting at the lights photos
idea - spend a day documenting Harper Road - it joins 2 major roads, Borough High Street running up to London Bridge and the Old Kent Road as it heads out of London. Yet it's a strange mix of estates, run down shops, a couple)?) of pubs and parks. Roger Hiorns blue crystal flat, the Repa adventure playground, court building, polo playing cyclists and more....

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Pallet Tower

Pallet Tower by mdx

a collection

a collection by mdx

I shall return to this and photograph it properly - like get it all in focus!

Henri Cartier Bresson from Contacts.1 DVD

Bresson talking about his approach to photography -
Don't go after something, let it come to you - be open, receptive - that's why you mustn't think.
C├ęzanne said "when I paint and start to think it all goes to hell".
Looking and seeing is not identifying - it's getting inside.
In conclusion, succeed, what does it mean? succeed in living? succeed in dying?
Henri Cartier Bresson from Contacts DVD.


outside by mdx
There was a problem with northbound trains stopping at Northwick Park so I had to go to Harrow on the Hill and head back. The waiting room has these wonderful curves - and although I was aware of the man in shades I didn't clock the stare from the woman until later. Shot on iPhone Hipstamatic app with the border cropped off.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Jack of all trades

It seems that one approach to being "successful" as a photographer / artist is to pick one thing and do it over and over again until you get known as the photographer / artist who takes underwater portraits on Polaroid - or whatever. It's never been my approach as a musician, having played with varying levels of competence piano, guitar, trumpet, accordion and electronics - a "Jack of all trades", and that suits me fine. And yet with photography I can feel the pull of that narrow conservative path of specialising, to be a success. But most of my work is focused on process as much as an outcome. And that, ultimately is what interests me. I shall return to this.
Meanwhile I might consider "polymath" - or maybe even the Renaissance man!

someone had enough

someone had enough by mdx
I  like the visceral symbolism going on here. I have had similar run-ins with TVs in the past, but this time it wasn't me - honest gov. I can't see the estate cleaners being quite so impressed though.

some summer reading

some summer reading by mdx
A bunch of books, some from the reading list for next year, the plan is to read some before term starts - self guided study - go to the top of the class - well that's if I do more than photographing them! Also the inspiring 101 Billionaires< by Rob Hornstra.