Saturday, 23 March 2013

A week of mildly melancholic photographs

First up "The anxiety of waiting outside the ICA as the Freedom of Photography talk is just about to begin".

  Waiting outside the ICA by mdx
Untitled by mdx

There was clearly someone of importance about to get on the Metropolitan Line train at Baker Street.

Untitled by mdx

Somedays you wait on news and know that once you hear it – either way – life will be different.

Untitled by mdx

The surface of the photograph - one way or another, that's where I seem to be heading for.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Four iPhone Photographs

Untitled by mdx
Driving back to London on the M4 – I'm not sure the eye ever actually sees speed blur like this but maybe it's just hard to tell - you would need to close and then rapidly open and close your eyes again to snatch the split second. I still like the composition of barrier - foreground and background with trees – like the A303 series.

Untitled by mdx
On the Metropolitan line coming back from college using the Hipstamatics' new tintype preset on the iPhone. It doesn't really work that well but I like the sihouette of me taking it – transformed into a billboard advert.

Untitled by mdx
The kids were jumping around on it before – but now the rain had come and it was left alone to its incongrous blueness.

Untitled by mdx
Tintype app on the iPhone Hipstamatic app.
It's a bit like that optical illusion if you cover the left half of the face you get a new face looking right.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Tintype - does it matter how we get there?

A new day and a new effect for the iPhone's Hipstamatic app. This one, the Tintype Snappak, mimics the look of the early Tintype photographic process.

A photography blog post at the Guardian sees photojournalist Antonio Olmos using it to explore the city of Derry – a topic he has covered in a more traditional style in the past. He's ambivalent about its use within photojournalism, the instant nostalgic feel coupled with the foregrounding of an aesthetic over the content. But he concludes by stating "in the end, the only thing that matters is the final photograph; how one reached it is not so important" – and that, seems to be the crux of it, whether or not you believe that to be true.

Meanwhile here's a couple of my iphonehipstamatictontypes from a stroll up to the Co-op on Sunday afternoon.