Sunday, 26 October 2014

LIP 26th Annual Exhibition

The LIP 26th Annual Exhibition organised by the London Independent Photography community opened this week at the Embassy Tea Gallery on Union Street, a short hop along from the Jerwood Gallery here in London. The space itself, although underground, is a huge improvement on last year's cramped gallery up town. 

There is a selection process for the exhibition, but no theme other than "your best work from the year", which does result in a somewhat overall lack of focus, but there is work to be enjoyed, and here's some of the the work I personally found interesting.

The show is on until the 2 November

Geoff Titley - Postcard From Another Place No 2 (Penshurst)

Tom Gifford - Elephant and Castle

Brigitte Flock - Thames Estuary

Tiffany Jones - Untitled, Rochester

Behzad  Sharouz - Mist Over River Thames

Sunday, 19 October 2014

one of three –The Scratch Orchestra review in The Wire

The other week three people got in touch about using my photographs for three quite different purposes. Here's the first one, in this month's Wire magazine review of a performance by The Scratch Orchestra. I took a whole heap of photographs of the event,  and I like the one The Wire chose to use. I also like seeing my work in a magazine! It's a good review from Phil England and I think they're planning on another performance sometime soon at Cafe Otto.