Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Laundry Room

Dropped by the opening of "The Laundry Room" an exhibition by Richard Wentworth and Michael Marriott at

Photographs are on display in the old laundry room - nailed to the wall - 


ONE DAY IN FLAT IRON SQUARE, a photo by mdx on Flickr.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

got the show on the wall

got the show on the wall by mdx

Got my photographs A303 - The Road West up yesterday. The space looked great - we had Bob and Christina's work in the corridor - Marion and my work on adjacent walls in one room and then Sarah and Sara's in the other room. There was plenty of room and it worked walking round the three spaces. A good crowd came along to the private view and I had some interesting conversations about why I did the series and things that it sparked off for people. Today Christina, Jens and myself sat in the gallery while people visited. A very different quality to the private view - much more peaceful and meditative.

The show is on until Tuesday

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Friday, 14 September 2012

"One Day in Flat Iron Square" exhibition

This afternoon hung the nine group shots and title from "One Day in Flat Iron Square" at Island Cafe. Will try and organise a low key party opening thing soon -

1 Flat Iron Square, Union Street, London SE1 0AB.

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

people looking at photographs

people looking at photographs by mdx
on a first look through I was most struck by Strategies for Survival by Jennifer Kover - and the Residents by Dominic Harris

I came back for the talk - "a panel conversation chaired by Dr. David Bate, course leader of MA photographic studies University of Westminster. Panel members include Dr Marco Bohr, photographer, academic and writer on visual culture and lecturer in Visual Communication at Loughborough University. Sophy Rickett, Artist and Senior Lecturer in Photography London College of Communication Dr Daniel Rubinstein, critical theorist, writer, photographic artist and programme leader for photography at London South Bank University, and Eti Wade, photographic artist and senior lecturer and head of the MA Photography at University of West London."

marco bohr blog - questions and queries - photography and digital communities - images old and new - recycled and appropriated - Doug Rickard and Michael Woolf (?) google street view

what is the work?

what is the photograph?

authorship - intention - production - interpretation

photographs as witness to - looking at the process that's set in motion

haptic photogra[hs - zooming iPad

gap between gallery and real life

frames and prints - who cares about them?

now the world is constructed from screens

we arre formed and produced by the technology

how where they produced? once the process was laid bare - now it's kept a digital secret

fetishising tragedy -

bring back the author

a process of making - gesture

the gallery as antidote to the storm of the internet

releasing the photograph from the burden of being visual

travellers of the network

knowledge vs information

slowness of the process

the voice of the grain

Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Kiss

The Kiss by mdx

The Kiss by mdx

Rodin's The Kiss @ Turner Contemporary in Margate. A tedious use of gallery space from Tracy Emin. Mark Wallinger saves the day with an intriguing work showing a video stream of looking out to sea 24 hours ago –  he explains it better 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

we got an exhibition - be great to see you there!

we got an exhibition - be great to see you there! by mdx

It's been a lot of work organising this show but it's finally coming together. The publicity's at the printers, the invites are going out and now it's just two weeks till we hang it and drink beer. And wine.
Coming from a musical background I get the idea of the event as gig, and yet it still feels strangely otherworldly when it's my own work going out there. Less in the moment and not as gritty - but interesting to create a space for people to come to, and look at stuff.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

I Confess

Started on the Hitchcock box set from last Christmas with "I Confess". It dips half way through but the suspense alongside the slide toward the moral dilemma of the sanctity of the confessional tells a great story without a shot wasted.