Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Making marks on Harper Road

 I've been spending time at the weekend making photographs of Harper Road. It connects two much larger roads – the New Kent Road and Borough High Street, both branching off from the northern Elephant and Castle roundabout.

In its short length, probably half a mile, there's a mosque, three pubs - one derelict, a sisha and milkshake bar and a regular pub offering karaoke  zumba, disco, live football and no drugs allowed on these premises, three parks, a court, a large council estate, a row of Bengali shops, a school, new developments, a careers advice centre, an adventure playground and a lot of trees and more.

I made a handful of photographs looking out from a phone-booth and posted this one on flickr, and unusually for me it got a lot of people looking at it and it featured in flickr explore. When I post on flickr it hasn't been my aim to get photographs featured in flickr explore - few of the images that do end up there seem particularly enigmatic or intriguing, but still it seems some sort of gauge, especially as I'm not discussing my work much with people (enough!). Maybe I need to start a crit group with fellow students / photographers. Flickr brings a particular form of feedback but I need something more critical, more involved.

Here are all four images - I'm not yet sure where they might lead