Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Whilst analogue might enhance the photographer's process where's the importance for the viewer?

One hundred and twenty six days have past since I posted here, and since then spring has turned to summer which turned to autumn.

A week or so back I went to the London Analogue Festival, an exhibition 'promoting analogue technology and its use in art' – and didn't really get it. While I could imagine that the photographers might have enjoyed their analogue processes I couldn't see what difference it made to me, the punter, looking at the prints on the wall. As a relic it doesn't work. But wait, might I feel different about a Polaroid? A truly original artefact? Maybe, just a bit – but really it's the photograph itself which intrigues me and not the process of its making.

A week ago I decide enough is enough, I can no longer stand pecking away at the computer keyboard with two fingers – I am going to learn to touch type. And so now I'm just breaking the 10wpm barrier. Not quite sure if that has anything to do with it, but it might – this was all typed with hands in the correct position, a finger for each key and no peeking.

And finally here's a photograph I made recently – taken on an iPhone, a Hasselblad or maybe neither....