Monday, 30 May 2011

Quite remarkably, Adele and myself have managed to ...

Quite remarkably, Adele and myself have managed to encourage a bunch of our fellow year 1 photography group to each take a photograph for the MAD Fest this coming Wednesday. One of our ideas was to each take a photo wherever we were on Sunday 29th May at midday. Initially we'd thought of creating a slideshow of images, but as we pulled the thing together it didn't sit right, we needed it in print, needed the physicality.
We also needed a title for our six photos and so far the suggestions are:
Same time different place
29.5.11 12.00
Sunday noon
I'm tempted by something more factual, more encouraging to leave the title behind and leap into the images. How about the literal:
"On the 29th May 2011 at 12 o' clock midday, wherever you happen to be, take a photograph"
And a couple of options on how we attribute ourselves as photographers:
1/ The name of each photographer next to their image (traditional, ownership clear).
2/ An alphabetical list of the names of the photographers (letting go, collaboration, the piece as a whole) -  my vote's with this but it would probably need a group consensus...
I'm really looking forward to seeing it all on the wall on Wednesday!

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