Thursday, 1 December 2011

The last shoot (mine)

Scans of medium format transparencies for the group project narrative based constructed photography project. We were each responsible for one shot. Scanning the transparencies produces huge files with amazing detail. Once we've agreed on which one of these shots, it will need retouching in photoshop for dust and hairs from the scan - and then we can see how it sits with the other 3 shots.

At first I thought this was the one - I like the detail of the hands - Laura's moody look - but maybe it's all too much - too obvious.

Maybe this works better - pulling you into the image first and then back out to Marion

It's the sort of shot that could work really well - but not this time - it's too theatrical

We had to go and get the security guard to release the shutter - the only thing actually in focus is Valerie's sleeve.

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