Thursday, 26 January 2012

Documentary Homework

Choose any three key words from the list.
Produce 3 digital images in relation to your selected Key words.
Images can be produced either on Digital SLR cameras, Compacts or Mobile Phones.

Are we not men? We are Devo!

I have stacks of old vinyl from different parts of my life - tho mostly from at least 20 years ago and before - and I was thinking as a way to deal with it all I’d start to photograph ones that interested me and then decide what to do with it - give it away or keep - I’d been playing with diptychs on the iPhone and this suited the approach - next time I’ll put the needle on the record - I like the idea of photographing objects as a way of deciding what to do with them.

Record, Document and Collection


Trying out secret iPhone photos of people on the tube - feels voyeuristic and slightly sleazy - why would I want to? And yet it’s strangely fascinating. Continuing the diptych theme I like the juxtaposition of the image - who is with who? What are they engrossed in? Are they next to each other? Etc

Voyeurism, Invasive and Candid


No 25 in a series I’ve been doing since the start of the year called “earth and sky” - (currently here
many of the shots have just been empty sky and then the solidity of whatever on the earth - but combining with an object up in the sky makes for new tension in the image - 
Not sure if I’ll continue the series after this month or how it might mutate

- here’s the original earth and sky idea:

not sure how far this will get but the idea is:
every day as near to midday as possible take two photographs on the iPhone and combine them into one
a photo looking up to the sky
a photo looking down to the ground
that's it
maybe a small book of the images would make more sense

Evidence, Point-of-view and Diary

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