Saturday, 17 March 2012

Jason Evans – the first of two inspiring talks in one day

First up was Jason Evans as part of our "Photography in Context" module at college. Jason works across all sorts of mediums and sets up a multitude of ways of working that I found quite inspiring. His Daily Nice website – a new photo everyday of something he sees that makes him happy, is wonderfully simple and engaging. He has also printed them up and given away as part of exhibitions. His exhibitions include wooden spoons! 

I really like his thinking around the difference between looking and seeing – makes me think of audio parallels of hearing and listening.

Also how he started off speaking of using the camera as a passport to experience – and that now he could imagine in years to come that he might not even be taking photographs any more.

Lots of interesting linkups of ideas – spoons and photographs? – they both deliver something to us...

His ideas on double exposures were interesting – how the final random results end up being something that defy strict authorship – how editing out "best " images isn't the useful focus - rather the process of all of the images.

He has interesting ideas on time and shooting projects and then not looking for them for a year so that his emotional engagement has loosened sufficient for a clearer eye on the edit.

And of course the fact that a lecturer comes in and says that Lighning Bolt is his favourite band!

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