Tuesday, 15 April 2014

the home straight.

I am finally on the home straight after four years of studying photography at Westminster University. N. asked me what I'd learnt. I said that I'd remembered that what I like to do is something that I was already doing nearly 40 years ago. Then I would wander the streets of Plymouth with a camera with no greater purpose than to look at the world and find photographs waiting to be taken. My degree's final project "Estate of Mind" is just that. A book of photographs taken on numerous walks around the Tabard Gardens Estate, often accompanied by my son on scooter or rollerblades. A pivotal walk was with writer Christopher Jones who then wrote a text to wrap the photographs in. I'm very close to the final edit and then off to get it printed.


  1. congratulations on getting this far; no doubt you wilmiss it when it is all over. and then what?!

    1. thank you – and yes indeed, what next? maybe a holiday :)