Sunday, 26 October 2014

LIP 26th Annual Exhibition

The LIP 26th Annual Exhibition organised by the London Independent Photography community opened this week at the Embassy Tea Gallery on Union Street, a short hop along from the Jerwood Gallery here in London. The space itself, although underground, is a huge improvement on last year's cramped gallery up town. 

There is a selection process for the exhibition, but no theme other than "your best work from the year", which does result in a somewhat overall lack of focus, but there is work to be enjoyed, and here's some of the the work I personally found interesting.

The show is on until the 2 November

Geoff Titley - Postcard From Another Place No 2 (Penshurst)

Tom Gifford - Elephant and Castle

Brigitte Flock - Thames Estuary

Tiffany Jones - Untitled, Rochester

Behzad  Sharouz - Mist Over River Thames

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