Thursday, 3 May 2012

A303 - The Road West

A303 - The Road West by mdx

One of nine landscapes from my 'A303 - the Road West' series. A low quality scan from a print, just to get an image for the exhibition's flyer. A group show of our classes work on this terms theme - documentary.

It's been an interesting process - doing the visual research - the textual research - writing about the process and then seeing how doing all that helps or hinders the final outcome. The formality of the work book can be frustrating but it's useful - even if not immidiately obviously so.

I'm keen to put the work up and see it on the wall. I spent a good while pondering text to accompany it but for now it's just the title  'A303 - the Road West' and then 1 - Untitled, 2 Untitled and so on. Maybe later if/as it develops I'll find the text.

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