Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hans-Peter Feldmann

Went to see Hans-Peter Feldmann's show at the Serpentine and then to see and hear him talk at the V&A. He started off talking about the joy of seeing art on toilet walls. How every sees it but no one knows who did it. The daily art that you don't see in museums. As with singing which everyone can do - but only some end up performing on the stage. A quote from Nils Bohr - something about realising his model of the atom was not a final point but just a step on the way. Bohr also said "there are some things so serious you have to laugh at them". He described two photos - a photo of a small girl and a photo of the Matterhorn. Putting them together our brain automatically starts making stories - she died in an accident on the mountain etc. The atmosphere of a series of images. A series of photographs of car radios called "Pictures of Car Radios Taken While Good Music was Playing (Ansichten von Autoradios, in denen gerade gute Musik spilt)". Paintings made cross-eyed, seascapes with the ships painted out and just the sea and sky left. Finding pictures in books - that someone would leave it there to keep it safe - the handbags - bought of women in a restaurant for 500 euros and the bag and contents displayed in a case. Eleven out of fifteen women he asked said yes. - "i don't believe in complicated things" putting the hand in the picture to show the size - all unlimited editions I liked his direct uncomplicatedness - and he was funny - always a bonus.

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