Friday, 22 June 2012

photographer vs punter – participating and observing

I was there by mdx

stonehenge summer solstice by mdx
I planned to visit Stonehenge at the summer solstice to see if I could take photographs for my "A303 - The Road West" project.

I had ideas about photographing the stones and people from the four compass points, using medium format film, setting up automatic methods of how and what to photograph.
DD – Stonehenge – Solstice – 2012 by mdx

In the end I went with Deirdre and it shifted into being there, dodging the rain and soaking up the atmosphere.
cops in a field at night by mdx

It got me thinking how taking photographs often works best for me as a solitary activity.

It requires getting into a mode of observing rather than participating.

And although I can still interact with people it is from the role of photographer rather than punter.

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  1. very good pics Martin, keep it up.. gosh i see Henry has grown into a little man , the years go by as quickly as you wink .Jonny B