Friday, 29 June 2012

Union Press

Union Press by mdx
Inspirational stuff on Union Street, Borough, London. A temporary print space setting out to explore the legacy of the print trade along Union Street and the surrounding area but ending up intersecting and engaging with the local community in a range of surprising ways.  I happened on it yesterday along with fellow photography students.

One person was collecting tiny plants that grow along the street, pressing them, making prints and cataloguing them. Another person was collecting people's observations of life happening on the street and printing them out on a photocopier.
Union Press - What can you see? by mdx

There had been other intriguing projects - making prints with sheets of plywood and a steam roller - collecting tweets and printing them with stencils by hand - slowly.

Here's more

This afternoon I'd planned to go busking with the folk band under Southwark bridge, beside the Thames, our favourite spot – dark and cool in the summer with wonderful acoustics.
But instead we played inside the Union Press structure.
We all fitted in – Jo on whistles, Jo on guitar, Jill on dustbin bass, Martin on accordion, Jim on Mandolin and Roberto on violin.

booklaunch for "i saw a tiger running wild" by mdx

I'm reminded of this photo taken six years ago - and of x-chris and 56a bookshop.

 h brought his pig mask by mdx

Back in 2006 the wee fella was a year old
and –  I saw a Tiger Running Wild... in Burgess Park
or was it a crowman.

  crowman by mdx


  1. christa harris1 July 2012 at 07:55

    nice to see what you're up to .. did anyone take a picture of you all playing music inside the installation?

  2. here it is