Saturday, 9 June 2012

Photographing musicians

Lucy9mm @ RB&H Arts benefit gig by mdx

Lucy9mm @ RB&H Arts benefit gig by mdx

Groanbox @ RB&H Arts benefit gig by mdx
A return to photographing musicians - I'd forgotten the joy of it, especially when there's room to move and it's all purely to please yourself. The last time was probably two years ago at the memorial gig for trumpet player and composer Harry Beckett, a musical mentor in many ways. That gig I shot with my old Nikon D80 - I got maybe a couple of useable shots from the whole night. Last night with the D700 was a whole different world - the one thing that was going to be OK was the exposure, fine even up to 6400ASA which left me to grapple with the flashing stage lights, shooting at f1.4 and figuring what was going to be in focus and then  - composing the shot.

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